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Paramount+ Australia

Paramount+ Australia

Graphic Design


To elevate the coverage of the A-League Mens and Womens seasons across Paramount+ social channels, showcasing them as the primary broadcast partner and engaging a fresh audience of football fans. As a relatively newcomer to the football community, Paramount+ face the additional challenge of building trust and credibility with a sceptical fanbase. 


To engage a new audience of football enthusiasts, we needed to reimagine how a suite of graphics could be used across the whole season. These graphics had multiple purposes but needed to look consistent and remain on brand. The range of graphics stretched from those that needed to primarily convey broadcast information, some that focused on statistics and data and a series of game day assets which would enable real-time match coverage for fan engagement. 

It was also imperative to distinguish between the men's and women's competitions while ensuring they looked like part of the same cohesive suite.

The creation of the templated statistic assets needed to fit certain criteria for upload into a data software platform for data automation which meant the designs had to leave space for these inclusions in the backend. Designing with these types of parameters is not always an easy task but one our team loved the challenge of to ensure we made these graphics look highly polished but functional at the same time.


We created a suite of graphics, both data-led and fan engagement for the Men's and Women's A-League 2023/2024 Season. 

Over 20 templates were created for upload into the software platform for statistics and data to be communicated to fans across the season and the template suite for game day operations has options for 12 different communication requirements (including fixtures, ladders, player of the match, statistics, full time etc) across the pre-game and live window.