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Big Bash League

Big Bash League

Graphic Design
Art Direction

Our Mission:

To create an engaging suite of illustrative graphics and animations for Cricket Australia's Big Bash League (BBL) to announce the International player pool and the teams they had been drafted by.


Sport Design Australia partnered with TLA to embark on an exciting creative project for Cricket Australia's BBL. For the first time in its history, the league introduced an overseas Player Draft, offering BBL clubs the chance to pick from a pool of talented international players for the 2022 competition. Our mission was to develop a series of captivating illustrations for two critical phases of the draft process.

The first phase involved the announcement of the 12 nominated Platinum Players, generating anticipation and excitement among cricket enthusiasts. The second phase was the thrilling televised live draft, where BBL teams selected their preferred players to join their squads.

Our team crafted vibrant illustrations that showcased the charisma and prowess of the players, making the announcement event in Sydney and the live draft night an exciting experience. To add a touch of dynamism, the illustrations were brought to life through animation, captivating audiences both at the event and on digital and social media channels of Cricket Australia and BBL.

The success of this creative project was evident not only in the buzz it generated during the launch and draft night but also in the positive reception from fans and stakeholders. The illustrations and animations brought an element of spectacle to the player selection process, elevating the excitement and anticipation surrounding the upcoming BBL season. The seamless integration of our graphics into the live broadcast on Fox Sports/Kayo further solidified their impact, reaching a vast audience of cricket enthusiasts nationwide.