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To create a new visual identity for Kids Athletics in New South Wales, tailored to resonate with kids aged 4-14 years old, while embodying the core themes of health, fun, and skills development.


We were entrusted with the task of rebranding Kids Athletics in New South Wales to ignite the enthusiasm of young athletes and promote their holistic development. Our creative journey began by understanding the unique preferences and interests of kids in the target age group.

Drawing inspiration from the vibrant world of young athletes, we designed a dynamic logo that was not only simple, clean and easily recognisable, but also relatable to the existing ANSW logo and colours. The logo's playful elements, youthful typeface and energetic colours were carefully chosen to connect with young hearts and minds, making the brand instantly appealing to its target audience.

To ensure seamless integration of the new brand, we extended the design elements to a comprehensive brand identity that included merchandise and marketing material.


The unveiling of the new Kids Athletics visual identity marked an undeniable success, capturing the essence of youthful energy and the spirit of athleticism. Participation in Kids Athletics programs saw a significant uptick, with both parents and youngsters expressing their enthusiasm for the fresh and engaging approach. The holistic design approach, extending from the logo to merchandise and marketing materials, ensured a cohesive and immersive brand experience.

The program witnessed increased visibility and positive feedback from stakeholders, establishing itself as a benchmark for effectively connecting with a younger demographic within the realm of athletics. Overall, the outcome surpassed expectations, leaving a lasting impression on both the target audience and the broader community.